Clubs and Classes

Bernina Creative Studio - Webinar Extravaganza

Once Upon A Quilt staff has come up with a new and improved way for our customers to benefit from all Bernina webinars. - Webinar Wednesdays. Let me tell you all about it. It will be like going to the movies, in the comfort of our amazing classroom on the 4th Wednesday of the month come we will have a show and tell and prizes too.  join a group of lovely consumers in a quiet relaxed atmosphere with coffee and pastry and watch all the webinars available for that month. During the webinars take notes with your questions and on Thursdays we will answer them for you. This will not only give you the opportunity to watch all the Bernina webinars offered, it will answer your questions without interruptions during the presentation. In addition  you will take  home a copy of the webinar by bringing a USB stick for us to load. You will be able to watch the webinars again  or whenever you want to review or create a specific project

Registration is required for all clubs and classes.

Our shop continues to invite outside BERNINA Educators
and hold special events, we encourage you to register
and attend
all BERNINA clubs, classes and events.

Mastering Your BERNINA Sewing Machine
Once you have taken delivery of your BERNINA, you are ready to travel down
the path of learning and mastering its many uses and functions.

BERNINA Guide Classes are essential.
You have made a lifetime investment in yourself by choosing the
finest machine in the industry - BERNINA. Please make the commitment
and take advantage of the BERNINA Guide Classes, Bernina Clubs
classes and events.

If you acquired a BERNINA elsewhere you can purchase
a Series of Guide Classes.
  Please contact the shop at 954/987-8827
for pricing and registration.

Mastery Class 1 and 2  and Embroidery Mastery
are held monthly throughout the year alternating  Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Please see our Schedule for available dates.
All supplies/workbooks needed for the above classes are listed

under the BERNINA corner in the tool bar.

Please Note: Education is taken very seriously at our shop.
We want you to learn as much as you can about your Bernina.
We offer a very extensive class schedule for Bernina Education.